I feel like all the "Best of 2013" posts on the webs have turned somehow hollow. (When you relive the 10th person's 2013 and read all their wonderful experiences for the last 365 days, I mean...)

So all I want to say in the very last hours of 2013, it has been my pleasure :)

Happy New Year and happiness to you all!

The Best of Winter

Having been so much inspired by winter outfits recently. Looking at these lovelies makes the winter cold not as bad, doesn't it? 

Far, Far From Land

"Far, far from land where the waters are as blue as the petals of a cornflower, and as clear as class.
Where no anchor can reach the bottom, live the mer people."

Trend Report: 50 Shades of Pinks

Before you pass on this because it's too Barbie doll for you, I beg of you to think again. 

Seoul Street Style

Do Koreans all look like they do in the dramas? 

The Perfect Outfit


I have fallen hard for tartan pattern recently, and this Stella McCartney sweater is just the sweep-me-off-my-feet blow-my-freaking-mind can't-stop-thinking-about-it ruined-all-other-sweater kind of beautiful.


The Birthday Girls


I hope we can be friends until we're too senile to remember each other's birthday :)

Here's to silly hats, cheesy wishes and happy birthdays! 

The Birthday Me


The older we get, the more we cling to the little child inside.
Thank you, for all the love.

Sweater: Giordano (Men)
Skirt: Zara

It's A Man's World

 It's amazing how a men-inspired outfit can make you feel instantly cool and chic. And doesn't everyone feel just so overwhelmingly happy it's finally sweater and boots weather? :3

In The Autumn Rain

Captured in a strangely melancholic afternoon of rainfall, in the creepiest park full of dark corners and untamed vines. The setting worked quite well with the styling I aimed for: unexpected combination of colors and patterns on clothes clashing with the tranquility of  the surrounding natural habitat.

Wine Stained

There is something ethereally sexy about adorning wine-stained lips in the fall, especially an undone one. Because you may have spent the last 20 minutes trying to perfecting your lips with all kinds of pencils and long-lasting lipstick to prevent colors to slip away and create a cascading mess, it still looks like you just simply took a sip of wine, put on you heels and walked out of the door looking fabulously gorgeous in the crisp of an autumn night. 

Trend Report: Pin Stripes

I have pretty much been utterly incapable of getting pinstripes pattern off my mind for a while now. In the last month, everything on my shopping list entails the appearance of pinstripes, from pinstriped pants, sweaters to coats! Yes, because they are that popular, you practically see them everywhere you go now.

Mango Winter 2013 Campaign: The Winter Chic


Oh Mango.

I have had a slight obsession with the brand this season as it introduced the exquisite androgynous looks in the A/W campaign. Surely it doesn't help with my feverish fixation when the overtly gorgeous Miranda Kerr is modeling for the whole campaign...I mean, just take my money already. 

Last Spring in Anguk


Last spring we ventured to the prettiest neighborhood of Seoul, Anguk. 

Anguk is a dreamy haven of little coffee shops with madly cute decor, beautiful handmade souvenirs and a serene atmosphere that no other place in this jostling city could match. I love Anguk in the fall with golden leaves masking the sideways, in the summer with its ethereal green, and in the winter when everything is white and you watch snowflakes dancing outside the window while cuddling beside a cup of hot choco. It all sounds like a soapy chick flick I know, but Anguk provides. It is undoubtedly my favorite spot in the city.  

Hopefully we were able to capture some of its charm in the little photo shoot of ours. 

The Jung Sisters on Harper's Bazaar Korea October 2013


The Jung sisters, SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal, transformed themselves in Pierre Balmain in the newest issue of Harper's Bazaar Korea October issue. 

Autumn Yet?

Taken on September 22nd, the official date for the astronomical fall this year ~~

Challenge: Shopping for Fall!

When the nights turn chilly and the leaves soon fall, my fashion cravings showed up just as timely. Hunting new pieces for your wardrobe for a new season can be the trickiest thing. Are you the one who ends up buying too much or too lazy to update new clothes at all?

Last Piece of Summer

I am not so sure I'll miss when the weather is too hot to go out before 6pm, but I will sure miss all the free time hanging out in my ripped jeans and good ol' pair Converse.

Top: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Converse

Trend Report: Suit Up!

I know, I know, when did blazers ever go out of style? They in fact can be the most versatile piece in your entire wardrobe: you can literally cover up any outfit with a blazer for an instant "chic" makeover. This season, the runway seems to steer toward the "luxe tux," a little more black-tie-optional than your average blazer, and again very much menswear inspired. Think about YSL's Le Smoking with more modern and daring cut. 

L-to-R: Victoria Beckham, Narciso Rodriguez, Oscar de la Renta and Diesel

Pretty in Pink

When it comes to style, I am the hugest fan of minimalism and menswear fashion. I firmly believe "less is more," and am blindly in love with a man's wardrobe (from the suits to his ties and shoes). For the longest time, I have lived in my boyfriend jeans and pants, in my loafers and Converses. Yet sometimes the feminine part finds its way back. I spotted this ruffle skirt from TRF a while ago and spent so much time considering before the actual purchase due to my solid commitment to transform my wardrobe into outright men's attires. And let's face it, this skirt is too girly for my taste (it has ruffles AND it is pink!) In my defense upon paying money on this, when the season comes, I would definitely toughen it up with black boots (like these ones if I allow myself a little day-dreaming) and military jackets. In the meantime, though, I would gladly feel pretty in pink for a change. 

Myeongdong Shopping Guide (This Time with Map!)

Myeongdong on an average weekend
Myeongdong is hands down the most famous tourist attractions in Seoul, of all time. I'm not saying this because of my (slight) bias towards the city's most crowded shopping centers, I'm saying this because it is true! Look at that picture! I ain't seeing such crowd in Namsan Tower or Gyeongbokgung palace! It is almost chaotic and charming at the same time, with all those people and all those shops :)

Due to popular requests on my previous posts on Myeongdong shopping (part 1 and part 2), I want to attach a little map here today for people who like my recommendations.

The Staples

Adorning two of my wardrobe staples this weekend: white skort and striped top. The result is laid back with an appropriate amount of polished-ness. 

Tuân theo quy luật "less is more" - càng đơn giản càng đẹp, dạo này mình đi theo hướng mua ít mặc nhiều còn hơn mua nhiều xong vứt xD Suy ra tất cả các item đáng mua đều phải tuân thủ tiêu chí: đơn giản và kết hợp được càng nhiều kiểu càng tốt. Cả đôi áo sọc ngang và quần skort trắng này đều đáp ứng rất tốt yêu cầu --> liên tục được mình trưng dụng cả hè năm nay :x 

Trend Report: A Grungy Season

Grunge no longer alludes only to the rebellious 80's alternative rock scene. Grunge is now stylish. This season from the runway, designers reinvented the unkempt looks of the by-gone era with an added couture feel: plaid shirts are paired with feminine floral patterns and inviting transparent slip-on dresses, not to mention mesh stockings and leather skirts. The result is laid-back, yet daring ensemble as seen most notably in Saint Laurent and Givenchy collections:

The Basics

These days I find myself reach for the basic pieces again and again. I'm at a point of my life where mastering the basics became the hardest task yet. After a while of looking for pieces that stand out the most, I realize the basics, good ones such as a fit blazer and boyfriend jeans, are where my heart lies. To create a ever-changing wardrobe out of basic pieces turns out to be more fun than you can imagine. 

Dạo này mới nhận ra chân lý đúng đắn là, muốn thời trang đâu phải ăn mặc khác người ra đường liên tục bị chỉ chỏ xD Cứ mua mấy piece cơ bản mà biết biến hóa nọ kia để được phán một câu "biết ăn mặc" chắc cũng đã hạnh phúc chết rồi. Cơ bản chưa chắc đã buồn chán mà phức tạp cũng không hẳn là đẹp xD

Zara FW2013 Campaign

I know these images have been virtually all over the place by now, but I just want to have a little self-note before the season actually comes, that this winter I will be robbed by Zara no less. 

The campaign offer high-end worthy pieces, which are influenced no doubt by Celine and Stella McCartney this season. Loving the grey coats and sleek suit jackets already! 

Jessica SNSD: The Bag Collection

As I was itching to purchase my first designer bag, often times I see myself looking at Jessica (SNSD) for reference. Because not only her bag collection is worthy of tremendous jealousy, her sense of style is also outstanding as reflected on her choice of designer pieces. Her collection is composed very luxurious items, as well as all the IT bags in the fashion-conscious community. 

Without further ado, here is the Jessica's famous bag collection (listed alphabetically) : 

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Soft Clutch (Left) and Rocco Duffle Bag (Right)

Korean Skin Care: Masks Galore.

I have been into masks greatly these days.

What's Your Style?

Lots of girls spend a fortune on shopping and still turn out below average in terms of styles. Others have a ton of clothes, half of them they never use, the other half they are using totally wrong. One of the fundamental flaws most girls trip on while doing their shopping and building their wardrobe is the question of style. Without a defined style, you usually find yourself struggle with a wardrobe full of clothes without anything you actually want to wear (aka the every-morning-what-to-wear-crisis)  

Workplace Fashion Inspiration

Some inspirations to light up your office wardrobe this week!

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