Korean Skin Care: Masks Galore.

I have been into masks greatly these days.

 Korean girls are famous for taking great care of their skin, and one very important step they make sure to take almost everyday is putting on a care mask. They not only have face masks but also under-eye masks, and masks for their feet as well! These days sleeping masks are also extremely popular (mask you put on while sleeping and don't wash off until waking up in the morning), especially the firming masks from Laneige (used and they are famous for a very good reason.)

I personally love masks from Innisfree, a Korean brand famous for skincare products all extracted from natural ingredients from Jeju island. Their masks are cheap, plentiful to choose from and makes your skin feel great!

They are having a 50% sale in their stores, so I took the chance to stock up some of my favorites: the little boxes are Innisfree capsule masks (each capsule can be used 2-3 times) and their sheet masks. My favorite are their rice sleeping mask (for brightening) and the acai berry sheet masks (full of antioxidants for anti-aging and revitalizing skin). Really make a different after use!


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