Myeongdong Shopping Guide (part 2)

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So where are we? Oh, talking of street shops, the shoes shops are worth checking out too if you love a good bargain. The shoes here range from $10 to $40 at most :D All these shops have approximately the same price range, but just to make sure, check out a few before you decide to purchase.

Shops like this are all over Myeongdong, on the main road or into the valleys alike

Around the corner from Codes Combine and A-land, you can find BOSCH.LOOK (?) a typical Korean shop with some sales right out at the door and very feminine dresses/shirts/skirts inside. Price usually goes from $30 to $50 per piece. A bit pricey but they offer definitely good quality in terms of material/designs, than the shops just across it which is $10 for all pieces. 

What can I say? Prints are huge this season in Seoul.

Also same price range but with wider variety of choices is a franchise named SSFW. They have separate shops for clothing and accessories, right next to each other. 

The clothing of this shop is not too hard to find in others...(from $20 - $60)

 I wouldn't recommend dresses here (so over-priced) but the shirts are adorably affordable!

Their accessories section, on the other hand, is to die for. A bit pricey, but really plentiful. 

You can get these bracelets at $10 - $20, and the bags from $20 - $60

And I just found out an alternative for SSFW: also interesting pieces but at much lower price (around 20-30% lower):

So the sign apparently says TREND APP. STOP. Not sure what that even means.

This shop is close to the intersection of Uniqlo Global Flagship Store and Nature Republic (very close to Myeongdong Subway Station Line 4). Take a right turn if you come out of the station and there you go. 

The general rule is, when you enter a shop, find something really cute and it's a bit out of your comfortable zone, continue searching and you'll find similar ones at some other corners. Just don't get lost while shopping!

This post is for people who think shopping is a no-brainer activity. Wrong. It requires every little cells in your brain to remember the places you passes, to calculate the prices, to compare your opportunity cost *___* But isn't that a thrill when you finally bring home a dress so cute you just wanna look at it all day? <3

Hope you enjoyed the posts so far and visit Seoul sometimes!!

Please read this post for a detailed map of all these shops! 


Anonymous at: March 18, 2013 at 10:16 AM said...

I am trying to trace back where I went the last time I visited Seoul. Is Myeongdong the area where if we walk behind the main street we will cross the clean bridge with very very clear running water underneath? Across the street is a row of cloth market and other kind of market where we can get Kimchi? IThere is also a shopping complex called "Loto" or something like that? It is not "Lotte" as I am sure where Lotte is. If I am correct, what's the underground train station for this? I am coming to Seoul again would like to re-visit the cloth market as I think the linen cotton at the cloth market in Seoul is the best linen I ever found..... Hope you can help. TQ.

Anonymous at: September 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM said...

Thank you for this blog series! ^^ I'll definitely check these shops! ^^

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