Vogue Girl February 2014


Well, what do you know? Spring is officially here, in the magazines' editorials at least. While us commoners are wrapped in (faux) furs and wool, in Vogue Girl February issue Tiffany and Yuri (SNSD) already graced in pastel and laces. 

This editorial is so much loved: the pastel pink-centric pieces (Burberry!) are toughened up by motor jackets, metallic skirts, beanies and black leather dress. And did you notice the sneakers?! They are already the biggest trend on the runways this year, but that should wait till another post...


When the clock strikes new year every year, we sit and jot down a silly list of must-dos in the coming 365 days, a set of expected behaviors for us to feel better about ourselves. Very quickly after, almost everyone (including myself of course) shatters the illusion of accomplishment, because we're too busy, too tired, or too caught up with realities to fill these expectations. There are always excuses. Knowing myself then, the only resolutions I hold the flimsy hope of keeping might as well be some style resolutions, also known as some wardrobe improvements I dream to make in 2014.

A Woman Who Road Away

Swathed in Dior Resort 2014, Fia Ljungstrom shows us how to travel in grace on the spread of Elle China's first issue of 2014. It's so refreshing to escape the cold for some absolute elegance and class in the midst of a fabulous Monaco castle. Also, you cannot go wrong with Raf.

Night Shopping in Hongdae

You've tried clubbing in Hongdae at night, but how about shopping?

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