BoA Makeup

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my overdue makeup post. It's been hectic lately (or am I being lazy teehee) here in Seoul and I feel guilty for not being of much help. But here I am, nearly 4am one Seoul spring morning, to share with you makeup tips that many of you may be very interested in - BoA's Kpop Star Makeup

BoA has always been one of the greatest Korean artists. She is very talented and well-known both for her great vocal and dancing skills. She speaks Japanese, English fluently, in addition to her mother tongue Korean, with intermediate Chinese. Above all, she exudes the combination of elegance and confidence that no one can resist. Ok, too much rambling. What I am trying to say is that omfg she is super gorgeous with PERFECT skin. And by perfect, I mean it. Here are some snapshots of BoA in Kpop Star.

Black and White

"Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." 
― Karl Heiner

April Obsession: White on white

It's weird how much I am into white - the color - when all the colorful spring flowers are blooming everywhere. 

Jessica for Coming Step

Coming Step is a Korean brand with very cool concept (similar to that of J.Crew in my opinion). The brand is getting more and more widely known through campaigns with Miranda Kerr and most recently, Jessica of SNSD. Its chic and modern design appealed to a lot of Korean celebrities as well (listed in an article here).

The newest look book starring Jessica transcends a very cool and refreshing feel of Seoul city. We can spot all the spring trends here: appliqued collar, mullet dress, color blocking....and can't we agree right now how gorgeous Jessica looked in this campaign?? 

A Sunday Afternoon

Finally warm enough for short skirts. 

Dress: H&M

The Malls of Seoul

In my mind Seoul is a HUGE city, yet everywhere you can find a mall around. The good thing about going to a mall is that everything you need is there. Fashion aside, it also offers makeup, food, cinemas, etc. Spending a whole day in a mall does not guarantee you can explore everything in there. And one thing special about malls in Korea is that they're filled with ajumas (middle-aged ladies). These ladies are amazingly shopping-savvy, and can afford a lot too! In Korea, there's no age limit for the love of beauty, apparently ~~

Pastel is for Spring

Catching up with the pastel trend all around these days. 

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