Girl in Black: Yoona on Harper's BAZAAR Korea

Currently obsessing over this shoot of Yoona (SNSD) on Harper's BAZAAR Korea October issue. *Sigh* It is actually a crime to be this pretty. 

Open Back

Fall is sneaking in swiftly here in Seoul. Time for cardigans and jumpers and layering and boots and so much fashion fun!

Jumper: Stradivarius

Burberry Prorsum SS2013

To me, watching Burberry Prorsum show has always been an experience I meticulously conduct for myself, like a ritual of some kind. It's not simply about watching the models on the runway in beautiful clothes. It's to me more like a feast of sights, of music and of tastes. It's about isolating myself from the outside to drench in the music, to absorb the beauty, to soak in the very "Burberry-ness" - an elegant sense of regality.

This time Christopher Bailey once again did not disappoint. The vibrancy of colors was gorgeously in tune with the playful elegance of shapes. Trenches and capes in ombre fuchsia, maroon, raspberry, metallic gold and lime kept me wanting for more. The pencil skirts in fishtail hems went perfectly with the voluminous bell-shaped sleeves and shoulders details. And the final trench in peacock-like feathers, bravo!

My clumsy words cannot describe the incredible show that Bailey so faultlessly delivered just hours ago, so see for yourself:

NYFW Trend Alert: Leather

Behold fashionistas, since next spring leather still rules the days! SS2013 is all about daring leather elements, adding structure and boldness to the usually soft looks of spring/summer.
So don't throw away your leather jackets after this A/W, as it would pretty much be everywhere when spring comes!

Here are some of my favorite looks from the collections so far:

Sunset Boulevard

A well-spent summer day by the West Lake, Hanoi. 


Friction of summer days: Bare back on the beach. 

Love: Mango Lookbook August

Feminity with an edge. 

Vogue Italia July 2012

The cover and editorials of Vogue Italia in July 2012 prepares its readers for the fall collections by all the most well-known houses there are: Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Givenchy, etc. Models posed in a very dynamic yet tightly controlled space, each styling closely reflects each collection's distinguished personality. Some were quirky, some were dark, some were fun and colorful. The brilliance is made real by photographer Steven Meisel and stylist Karl Temper.



I'm a firm believer in investing in designer pieces such as bags or shoes. I cannot afford to suit up all in Chanel and the likes, but a Prada tote or this Ferragamo clutch is totally worth it. It is timeless, and can glam up your whole outfit. 

Top: Zara
Clutch: Salvatore Ferragamo 

Myeongdong Shopping Guide (part 2)

<Read part 1 here>

So where are we? Oh, talking of street shops, the shoes shops are worth checking out too if you love a good bargain. The shoes here range from $10 to $40 at most :D All these shops have approximately the same price range, but just to make sure, check out a few before you decide to purchase.

Myeongdong Shopping Guide (Part 1)

Myeongdong is located at the heart of Seoul and considered as THE shopping paradise in this city of shopaholics and sea of clothes. Myeongdong is great because here every brand, big or small, gathers on a relatively small area, enough to satisfies all kinds of customers' needs.

Hence I would like to create a little legacy of 4 years spent shopping here by creating a virtual map of Myeongdong with the best shops at the best prices (Please refer to this post for a detailed map of all the shops mentioned!)

To begin with, Myeongdong has all the high-street brands like Zara, H&M, Forever21, Giordano, you name them. These shops are located all over the place, and pretty easy to find. Just stick to the main street you're gonna find all of them.


It's Seoul summer sale time.

Feeling Feminine

A little white lace dress is a must for summer, no? 

Dress: Random shop in Hongdae, Seoul
Heels: H&M

Bury Me In The Clothes of My Youth

The first one we ever shot together <3

I Like Bubbles, I Like You


“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” 

Out and About in Seoul: Apgujeong

I craved for some croissant last week and decided to pay a visit to Apgujeong to visit Paris Croissant there. This is like the Beverly Hills of Seoul, with SM Headquarter located around the corner, among high end shopping malls and luxurious apartment complexes. I particularly like strolling the streets here in the afternoon, when the weather is nice and people drive their Bently and Ferrari around just for fun.

Anyway, just want to share some pics from my walk through the neighborhood:

Everything Burberry

I am obsessed with this brand recently, from its charming Creative Director Christopher Bailey to the beauty products and fabulous runways. Most recently, Burberry Prorsum introduced its Resort 2013 collection and it is so divinely elegant!

Jessica and Tiffany for Vogue Korea

This month Vouge Korea features Jessica and Tiffany from SNSD in "Coco in Wonderland" with flawless makeup and the whole Chanle S/S 12 collection. Truly timeless and beautiful.

The makeup stays close to the hottest trend of this season: Pastel. A flawless complexion with flushed cheeks, bubble-gum lipstick, very soft and defined brows. Complete the look with a sweep of black eyeliner and mascara. So pretty!

Summer Flower - A Day Shopping in Hongdae

A quick update on Seoul shopping scene this month!

This time I went to Hongik University, or Hongdae in Korean, a college famous for artistic and innovative students. The neighborhood is quite eccentric due to the nature of art students here, so much different from Sinchon - which is where my university Yonsei located, and sits right next to Hongdae! And FYI, this is where Yoona and Jang Geun Suk filmed their cofffe house scene in Love Rain.

I wandered around Hongdae for one Saturday afternoon, and found so many lovely things. The number one trend on the street seems to be FLORAL!

The Mullet

Captured in a windy day. 

Sequin and Floral

.So ready for spring. 

Easy Breezy

In my favorite slouchy sweater. Perfect for lounging around in a fine weekend afternoon :)

BoA Makeup

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my overdue makeup post. It's been hectic lately (or am I being lazy teehee) here in Seoul and I feel guilty for not being of much help. But here I am, nearly 4am one Seoul spring morning, to share with you makeup tips that many of you may be very interested in - BoA's Kpop Star Makeup

BoA has always been one of the greatest Korean artists. She is very talented and well-known both for her great vocal and dancing skills. She speaks Japanese, English fluently, in addition to her mother tongue Korean, with intermediate Chinese. Above all, she exudes the combination of elegance and confidence that no one can resist. Ok, too much rambling. What I am trying to say is that omfg she is super gorgeous with PERFECT skin. And by perfect, I mean it. Here are some snapshots of BoA in Kpop Star.

Black and White

"Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." 
― Karl Heiner

April Obsession: White on white

It's weird how much I am into white - the color - when all the colorful spring flowers are blooming everywhere. 

Jessica for Coming Step

Coming Step is a Korean brand with very cool concept (similar to that of J.Crew in my opinion). The brand is getting more and more widely known through campaigns with Miranda Kerr and most recently, Jessica of SNSD. Its chic and modern design appealed to a lot of Korean celebrities as well (listed in an article here).

The newest look book starring Jessica transcends a very cool and refreshing feel of Seoul city. We can spot all the spring trends here: appliqued collar, mullet dress, color blocking....and can't we agree right now how gorgeous Jessica looked in this campaign?? 

A Sunday Afternoon

Finally warm enough for short skirts. 

Dress: H&M

The Malls of Seoul

In my mind Seoul is a HUGE city, yet everywhere you can find a mall around. The good thing about going to a mall is that everything you need is there. Fashion aside, it also offers makeup, food, cinemas, etc. Spending a whole day in a mall does not guarantee you can explore everything in there. And one thing special about malls in Korea is that they're filled with ajumas (middle-aged ladies). These ladies are amazingly shopping-savvy, and can afford a lot too! In Korea, there's no age limit for the love of beauty, apparently ~~

Pastel is for Spring

Catching up with the pastel trend all around these days. 

Natural, Everyday Makeup

Hi everyone,

Here comes the first make-up post.

We acknowledge the fact that many of our readers may not know how to read Korean or are super busy that you do not have time to actually go and follow Korean makeup blogs. Yet, we find that Hallyu as well as Korean current culture's popularity is growing at a crazy speed, which of course, includes Korean makeup style. So here we are, to help you all update with the popular, natural makeup style that Korean girls wear in everyday life, attractive smokey eyes for wild yet fun girl-night-out or even artist style in their MVs, etc.

Thus, the motto "We write so you do not have to find" represents our philosophy of helping you all with the best makeup, skin care products that Korean girls swear by. Hope you have fun and enjoy reading our rambles.

For the first tutorial, I decided to show you a simple yet very applicable look for everyday makeup. The look is super natural and very suitable for your romantic dates. We will soon have our own tutorial with our beautiful models that you already met in the previous post so stay tunned.

What's Hot in Seoul?

Tuần vừa rồi thời tiết Seoul vẫn siêu lạnh, chúng mình chưa "đầu tư" được bộ ảnh nào cho hợp với không khí pastel và floral đang tràn ngập trên blogspot -____- Thay vào đó, xin gửi đến các bạn một bài review nhỏ về xu hướng thời trang đang tràn ngập khắp các shop quần áo ở Seoul: Áo cổ Peter Pan!
Tuy không phải là xu hướng mới (nếu không muốn nói là đã xuất hiện dày đặc ở Việt Nam từ vài tháng nay) nhưng thật dễ nhận thấy chiếc cổ áo xinh xắn này đã có rất nhiều biến đổi, từ hoạ tiết chấm bi cho đến chất liệu ren và sequin đều được sử dụng để tránh gây nhàm chán cho các tín đồ thời trang. Cá nhân mình thì thấy rằng độ siêu nữ tính của Peter Pan Collar thực sự rất phù hợp với phong cách Hàn, thanh lịch mà vẫn kiểu cách, sành điệu.
Các bạn có thể kết hợp Peter Pan Collar với áo sơ mi, váy liền, thậm chí là áo phông để tạo điểm nhấn cho trang phục. Vì vậy đừng vội chê chiếc cổ áo này đã lỗi mốt hay nhàm chán, điều đó còn tuỳ thuộc vào độ sáng tạo của người mặc nữa nhé! Xu hướng này chắc chắn vẫn còn "trend" trên đường phố Seoul cả mùa xuân này ^^

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