The Fall Ads


Setting aside ice-cream and heat talks, the Fall 14/15 campaign ads are here! I cannot even pick my favorites, so here they are, a sweeping storm of stunning images, gorgeous models and luxury pieces to die for! 

How To: Menswear in Summer


I'm not repeating how obsessive I am when it comes to menswear (wait, I just did!), but the summer heat does make the oversize blazers, dress shoes and pinstripes a bit overwhelming. Still, the call for boyfriend steals is much more appealing to me than laced dresses and sweet chiffon. The tricks for menswear in the summer? Lightweight materials and rolled-up sleeves. Switch to summer pantsuits (linen to the rescue) for a more relaxed silhouette in hot days. Oversize boyfriend shirts and jeans are only more chic when rolled up. Finally, trade those cool blucher  shoes for sneakers. Help you run errands better in the sun anyway. 

Happy dressing up!

Summer in the City

For some of us who are deprived of a long vacation in Bali this summer, being fashionable in the city heat might just be a tad cumbersome. Ideally, you want to live in your cut-off denim shorts, tank tops and shirt-dresses. But such are almost never work appropriate, and let's face it, then where is the fun? More importantly, where is the excuse to buy more clothes? Here are some of the tips that worked for me while living in Seoul and Hanoi, the two possibly most humid places on the surface of the Earth these glorious summer months. 

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