It's A Man's World

 It's amazing how a men-inspired outfit can make you feel instantly cool and chic. And doesn't everyone feel just so overwhelmingly happy it's finally sweater and boots weather? :3

In The Autumn Rain

Captured in a strangely melancholic afternoon of rainfall, in the creepiest park full of dark corners and untamed vines. The setting worked quite well with the styling I aimed for: unexpected combination of colors and patterns on clothes clashing with the tranquility of  the surrounding natural habitat.

Wine Stained

There is something ethereally sexy about adorning wine-stained lips in the fall, especially an undone one. Because you may have spent the last 20 minutes trying to perfecting your lips with all kinds of pencils and long-lasting lipstick to prevent colors to slip away and create a cascading mess, it still looks like you just simply took a sip of wine, put on you heels and walked out of the door looking fabulously gorgeous in the crisp of an autumn night. 

Trend Report: Pin Stripes

I have pretty much been utterly incapable of getting pinstripes pattern off my mind for a while now. In the last month, everything on my shopping list entails the appearance of pinstripes, from pinstriped pants, sweaters to coats! Yes, because they are that popular, you practically see them everywhere you go now.

Mango Winter 2013 Campaign: The Winter Chic


Oh Mango.

I have had a slight obsession with the brand this season as it introduced the exquisite androgynous looks in the A/W campaign. Surely it doesn't help with my feverish fixation when the overtly gorgeous Miranda Kerr is modeling for the whole campaign...I mean, just take my money already. 
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