Trend Report: Pin Stripes

I have pretty much been utterly incapable of getting pinstripes pattern off my mind for a while now. In the last month, everything on my shopping list entails the appearance of pinstripes, from pinstriped pants, sweaters to coats! Yes, because they are that popular, you practically see them everywhere you go now.

Pin stripes are of course not the invention of 2013. The pattern has been a classic staple in the office's wardrobe, but often times associated with being old-fashioned, repetitive, rigid and well, not at all exciting. But this season, dig in your mom's closet please since the stripes are dominating the fashion scene.
This post is thus rightly expresses my obsession with the prints and hopefully I'll get my hands on one of these soon enough :( 

Pinstriped Denim for God's sake! 


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