Challenge: Shopping for Fall!

When the nights turn chilly and the leaves soon fall, my fashion cravings showed up just as timely. Hunting new pieces for your wardrobe for a new season can be the trickiest thing. Are you the one who ends up buying too much or too lazy to update new clothes at all?

I of course usually find myself on the first end: buying so many items but getting confused how to use them properly. So my resolution for this coming season: do a lot of research. I particularly enjoy tutorials entailing how to transition your wardrobe from this season to the next, there are ideas that save you lots! Also, I practice a habit of looking at catalogs/lookbooks/trend reports from many, many sources, gather the ones I relate best to my style, pick out the IT items to build up such style, and make a check list before going shopping. Plus point: since you have already had an idea of what you want to buy and how you want to pair them before buying, it kind of solves the morning wardrobe crisis :)

Right now I am obsessed with Madewell Fall 2013 Lookbook and marked off some items I definitely will save up to add to my wardrobe the upcoming season: a comfy yet stylish sweatshirt, and the fall boots! 

<Images via honestlywtf>


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