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Hi everyone,

Here comes the first make-up post.

We acknowledge the fact that many of our readers may not know how to read Korean or are super busy that you do not have time to actually go and follow Korean makeup blogs. Yet, we find that Hallyu as well as Korean current culture's popularity is growing at a crazy speed, which of course, includes Korean makeup style. So here we are, to help you all update with the popular, natural makeup style that Korean girls wear in everyday life, attractive smokey eyes for wild yet fun girl-night-out or even artist style in their MVs, etc.

Thus, the motto "We write so you do not have to find" represents our philosophy of helping you all with the best makeup, skin care products that Korean girls swear by. Hope you have fun and enjoy reading our rambles.

For the first tutorial, I decided to show you a simple yet very applicable look for everyday makeup. The look is super natural and very suitable for your romantic dates. We will soon have our own tutorial with our beautiful models that you already met in the previous post so stay tunned.

                                    Natural, everyday makeup

Products used:
1. Baviphat Sugar Girl Color Moist Collagen BB cream
2. Benefit Hervana Face Powder
3. Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio
4. Woodbury HD Waterproof Aqua Gel Eyeliner in Brown
5. Kiss Me Long Curl Mascara
6. MAC Super Cream Lipstick in Insaney

So now, let's get started.

After you already moisturized your skin and put on foundation, concealer and powder, here are few and simple steps for you to achieve the natural eye makeup look. First, prime your eye with an eye primer. I have been using  The Style Eye Prime Boomer by Missha and have been quite liking it so you should check it out if you are near any Missha counter and trust me, compared to that of Lancome or even Mac, the price is quite attractive. 

Use the grey color in the trio and smooth out.

Don't go to far from the center of your eyelid as shown below.

Next, choose the darkest color from the trio and place it as closest to your lid as possible.

Use the grey color from the beginning again, this time, place it carefully in the part under your eye, it will make your eyes look bigger and pop.

You can use as much as you wish, depend on how intense you want your eyes to be.

Pick up some brown product from the trio and place carefully the product in the corner part of your eye. This will bring more depth to your tear duct.

Your eyes will now look beautiful already
Time for mascara, you will want to have one coat of mascara first and waits till it dries and go on with another coat, don't forget to curl your lashes for better effect.

Now for your cheeks, put on blush as you see in the photos. Koreans are more about natural and cute therefore they prefer to have baby cheeks that is blushing in the very center

Last but not least, put your lipstick on and you are good to go. One tip though, you will not want to have a too intense lips with red color or sexy with nude, you may want something pinky or a little bit of orange. Pink will accomplish very well with your check color, making you the sweetest princess ㅋㅋㅋ

Taaaa-daaa and here is the final look

Your eyes will look dreamy as a sleeping princess just wakeup. Your cheeks are blushing under the heat of Seoul spring and your lips are so innocent yet so sweet, waiting for the kiss of the charming prince ㅋㅋㅋ

Okay, too much rambling. Please pardon my broken English as I haven't written anything in English for the past one year and a half. It's 3:30am here in Seoul and I wish you all a nighty night.

See you all very soon <3

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Make-up without lipstick is like wearing nothing. Thanks for sharing our article with us.

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