When the clock strikes new year every year, we sit and jot down a silly list of must-dos in the coming 365 days, a set of expected behaviors for us to feel better about ourselves. Very quickly after, almost everyone (including myself of course) shatters the illusion of accomplishment, because we're too busy, too tired, or too caught up with realities to fill these expectations. There are always excuses. Knowing myself then, the only resolutions I hold the flimsy hope of keeping might as well be some style resolutions, also known as some wardrobe improvements I dream to make in 2014.

1. Buy more clothes and less crap:
I am obviously obsessed with shopping most of the time, but it does not necessarily mean I buy a lot. In fact, I maintain my wardrobe on a very minimal base, depending heavily on a few trusted items that would not fail me time after time. I am a huge advocate for under-shop instead of over, but this year I would like to expand the current situation a bit: owning 10 shoes instead of 4, more dresses, more tops, more pants (probably not blazers.) Less restricted and hesitant in my choices of style are priorities this year.
Still, less crap. I will not trade quantities for qualities, for I have so many times bought a $10 skirt and never once touched the piece. I hate the feeling of staring in an un-worn unworthy piece of clothes just lying there in my wardrobe, a monument of my failure as a conscious shopper. No more!

2. More textures and patterns incorporated.
Being a fan of minimal styling, I am loyal to monochrome and limited patterns. My uniforms are dark colored blazers paired with wisp white shirt and black loafers. But unexpectedly incorporating textures and patterns does not necessarily harm my minimalism discipline. Black leather, for example, is going to be huge this spring, it both is subtly chic and effortlessly edges up any outfit. So this SS2014 for me will be leather shorts and pastel colors!

3 Go Luxurious:
I'm 24 years old and very very ready for my first investment piece. Obviously every woman dreams about showering herself in Chanel and Dior from head to toe, but truth is shoes, bags and sunglasses are where the money should be spent on. An designer bag is always a good start, but which one is a question that has been bothering me for the last year. Which one says me? Which one goes with my clothes? Which one is truly class? Spending money turns out to be easily said than done, for me anyway.

But overall, 2014 is the year I hope to achieve a true definition of style, a certain level of maturity, a wardrobe that really represents me, clothes that really impress people. Somehow, I am no longer thrilled with style experimenting anymore?

All in all, dress with an attitude loves.

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