What's Your Style?

Lots of girls spend a fortune on shopping and still turn out below average in terms of styles. Others have a ton of clothes, half of them they never use, the other half they are using totally wrong. One of the fundamental flaws most girls trip on while doing their shopping and building their wardrobe is the question of style. Without a defined style, you usually find yourself struggle with a wardrobe full of clothes without anything you actually want to wear (aka the every-morning-what-to-wear-crisis)  

It is all about defining your style and having a clear picture in your head whenever you go shopping. Yes, seasons change, trends come and go, but your signature style stays. Every year you may update it with new items from trends that appeared on the runway. Still there are certain things that you hold dear to your heart: a LBD you know would immediately make you feel flattered, a denim shirt, whatever.

Now that is a good start, take a piece of paper and jot down what kind of style you pursue. It need not be that hard. It can just be a picture of someone you think of as having impeccable style. It can be built on the very basics: jeans, white shirt, a simple tee, a blazer. Always, always start from the basics.

Next task: Find your perfect fit. Part of determining your style is knowing what works for you and what does not. There are rules that need not be followed strictly, but guidelines are still worth listening too. I know people say everyone is beautiful whether you're fat or thin or tall or short. Well, still you need to know what kind of body you have and build up your wardrobe from there. Know your strengths. Show them, and hide your weaknesses. You have nice legs, great, wear shorts. Your boobs are not that big, don't worry, divert the attention somewhere else. Please stop wearing clothes that look like they're wearing you. Or super tight tops/jeans if you have some extra pounds. You think those will create an illusion of a thinner figure? No, it squeezes your body and we all saw the fat :|

That reminds me: Things look good on other people/ everybody wears does not necessarily work for you. Confidence is good, but I cannot stress humility enough these days. Again, look at the mirror and find out what works, and what does not. I would usually go for good quality clothes with basic forms and straight-up shapes, without too many redundant details - a fail-safe choice for many body shapes and types. 

What else. Uhm also except if you're Anna del Russo, less is definitely better. Elegance is always classic, whereas gaudy show-off has its limits. When you're 18, sure it's fun trying out new things, mixing and matching and making mistakes. But by the time you're thirty, being a fashion chameleon is not really the best idea. 

Difference between class and clown :))

Know where you're going and dress up accordingly. You'd think this is an old lesson, but these days I feel like people are forgetting that. All places you go have certain dress codes. You cannot dress like going to a bar in a business meeting. Sexy isn't the answer for everything (yes, I am talking about you, girls who think wearing pink bras under see-through shirts or red thongs inside low-waist jeans is sexy. Well there are people who can pull it off, but them a rare breed.) 

So in short, where do you start? Define your very own style, list the items you think can build up such style, try them on to see if they work with your body. And then, have fun dressing up. Add a pop of color, buy a statement necklace. Do not go where everybody is going. Read some blogs, watch some style gurus. It is a constant process of learning and embracing yourself. Essentially create your identity, the image you want to broadcast to the world through your clothes.


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