Myeongdong Shopping Guide (This Time with Map!)

Myeongdong on an average weekend
Myeongdong is hands down the most famous tourist attractions in Seoul, of all time. I'm not saying this because of my (slight) bias towards the city's most crowded shopping centers, I'm saying this because it is true! Look at that picture! I ain't seeing such crowd in Namsan Tower or Gyeongbokgung palace! It is almost chaotic and charming at the same time, with all those people and all those shops :)

Due to popular requests on my previous posts on Myeongdong shopping (part 1 and part 2), I want to attach a little map here today for people who like my recommendations.
Myeongdong can be frustrating due to crowdedness and the sheer number of available choices can drive you nuts (especially on these hot days. Geez.). But may I recommend a humble valley on your right when you walk from Noon Square towards Myeongdong Theatre: Walk pass Noon Square (the plaza with huge Zara, H&M and Mango stores on the 1st floor) until you meet the Primera shop then take a right. OR if you are walking from the main road (where Forever21 is), take a left turn at Dunkin Donuts. All the Korean shops I suggested in previous posts are in this particular valley (Supermarket, SSFW Concept shop, Olive Young...) Even better, the parallel road to this valley (on your left once you enter the valley) also offers an awesome selection of A-land,  Tommy Hilfiger, Club Monaco, Spicy Colors, Codes Combine.. And even more, if you follow til the end of the valley, it opens up right to SPAO, which I happen to know is a very popular brand for those K-pop fans out there. So you'd best stick to the road, you're likely to find everything you need in Myeongdong right there :)

See the red line and the brown line? Those are the parallel valleys I am referring to!

Good luck shopping :) Don't forget to check out my previous posts for detailed descriptions on the shops ^^


Chaning at: February 21, 2014 at 7:08 PM said...

thank you for this! we'll be going to Seoul on March :)

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