Pretty in Pink

When it comes to style, I am the hugest fan of minimalism and menswear fashion. I firmly believe "less is more," and am blindly in love with a man's wardrobe (from the suits to his ties and shoes). For the longest time, I have lived in my boyfriend jeans and pants, in my loafers and Converses. Yet sometimes the feminine part finds its way back. I spotted this ruffle skirt from TRF a while ago and spent so much time considering before the actual purchase due to my solid commitment to transform my wardrobe into outright men's attires. And let's face it, this skirt is too girly for my taste (it has ruffles AND it is pink!) In my defense upon paying money on this, when the season comes, I would definitely toughen it up with black boots (like these ones if I allow myself a little day-dreaming) and military jackets. In the meantime, though, I would gladly feel pretty in pink for a change. 


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