Trend Report: 50 Shades of Pinks

Before you pass on this because it's too Barbie doll for you, I beg of you to think again. 

This whole A/W 13 season is all about "rethinking pink" :
- We can wear pastel pink in winter now, so lash out the spring summer garments you're about to put away to the corner of the wardrobe.

Like how I pair this short pink skirt to my favorite sweater :)

- Pink is so dominant it almost became a neutral color to be paired up with almost anything, or even in its entirety like the picture below. 

A pink suit totally works!

- To me, it's just such a pretty addition to punch up your usually black-and-grey-dominated winter wardrobe. 

SJP does pink, so we should too. Period.

- And finally, when in doubt, just wear it with anything. Truly, this season you can get away with anything pink. Be creative!

Cheers, to a blushing pink winter! 


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