Summer in the City

For some of us who are deprived of a long vacation in Bali this summer, being fashionable in the city heat might just be a tad cumbersome. Ideally, you want to live in your cut-off denim shorts, tank tops and shirt-dresses. But such are almost never work appropriate, and let's face it, then where is the fun? More importantly, where is the excuse to buy more clothes? Here are some of the tips that worked for me while living in Seoul and Hanoi, the two possibly most humid places on the surface of the Earth these glorious summer months. 

1. Break out the Birkinstocks:
Especially the white ones, because they are officially the shoes of this summer. The ugly "grandpa sandals" are now accepted with overalls, dresses, and for the cool girls, pantsuits. FYI, the Adidas slip-ons are totally fine too.

2. Monochrome Rules:
Tropical prints are great for the beach, but something about wearing one color head-to-toe is fashionably cool and calming in the city heat. Boring is not an option if you throw in a leopard pair of heels or bold clutch.

3. Dress Up The Staples:
Denim and linen are always in when summer rolls around. Jeans can be too casual for different occasions, but not when you can dress it up by adding a killer pair of heels or throwing a chic blazer over the shoulder (plus points for ladies who sit in freezing air-conditioned offices all day).

4. Don't Overthink It:
It is literally too hot to think sometimes, so there is always room for a cheat day when you just throw on whatever and rush to the doors. Shift dresses, overalls, white shirts and chic accessories are your best friends. Try something unexpected (aka whatever you feel like) and enjoy the ice-cream!


Jo Nguyen at: July 16, 2017 at 9:49 PM said...

Some nice tips here. For summer dressing I usually go for lighter fabrics and cover up more when outside. Cotton is great in keeping cool. Thanks for the share. I love looking at your IG feed.

Jo x

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